Expert Orthotropic Care in Fairfield, CA for Your Child

Orthotropics may be a new term to you, but it was invented nearly 50 years ago.  It has gained momentum since it has the potential to improve a child’s quality of life. Standard Orthodontics is mainly focused on positioning the teeth and bite alignment. Orthotropics deals with improving the growth and development of the jaws, face, and possibly the airway.

The majority of orthotropic patients are children since their bones are still growing. Using gentle treatments, orthotropic clinicians guide that growth so that their young patients’ jaws improve: leading to healthier jaws joints, better-looking faces, and a larger airway.  Dr. Adair has over 18 years of experience in Orthotropics.

Orthotropics has the capacity to prevent problems as well as effectively treat existing issues. Please give us a call at (707) 864-1055 for appointments and further information.