Crozat Appliances

Gentle and Discreet Orthodontic Correction for Kids in Fairfield, CA

Crozat Appliances in Fairfield, CA - GV Smiles Pediatric Dentistry and OrthodonticsWhile there is no doubt that recent technological advances have improved dentistry and orthodontics, there are many tried and true methods still in use. One of these is the Crozat appliance. Invented almost 100 years ago, orthodontists use Crozat appliances to help correct bites and muscle function, mainly in children.

The appliance is removable and gently applies pressure behind the teeth. This arrangement means that a Crozat appliance is largely hidden when worn, in contrast to conventional metal braces. While the concept of Crozat appliances may be almost a century old, their inconspicuous appearance is appreciated by many modern children and adolescents.

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