I LOVE pediatric dentistry. In addition to having the most precious patients, we also have the best opportunity to establish a lifetime of oral health. My provider philosophy has always been to treat my patients like I would have wanted myself to be treated, and how I would treat my nieces and nephew.

I harness the power of preventive dentistry. We will discuss brushing, flossing, dietary, and anticipatory guidance. If needed, we may prescribe additional things like special toothpaste and permanent tooth sealants to help prevent new cavities. We will discuss your child’s bite, airway, and possible need for braces.

During my training and in practice one of the most exciting things to develop has been the use of therapies such as Silver Diamine Fluoride and Hall Crowns. These therapies often allow for me to treat younger children who previously may have required general anesthesia. Of course, composite (white) fillings, stainless steel crowns, and other common treatments are often recommended as well.

I strive to provide excellent care for excellence in oral health, while making it as least traumatic as possible. Sometimes this requires laughing gas. In rare cases, general anesthesia provided by a dental anesthesiologist may be required for treatment to be completed.

Dr. Niekia Franklin

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