Dr. Niekia Franklin

Dr. Franklin describes her practice philosophy style as auntie-like conservative, detail-oriented, silly-fun, and appropriately tortoise-slow or hare-fast as needed! She appreciates the technical aspects in addition to providing patience and personalized attention to all of her children and adults with special needs. Dr. Franklin graduated at the top of her dental school class at Baylor College of Dentistry and completed her specialty training in pediatric dentistry working with behaviorally and medically complex children at the Riley Hospital for Children and Indiana University School of Dentistry.

Dr. Franklin loves getting out in the community! She has enjoyed many leadership and planning positions in organizations, one of her favorites is Give Kids a Smile, where she serves as a national Ambassador and committee member. Serving others is one of Dr. Franklin’s most fun activities! Shealso loves that volunteering is an opportunity to show gratitude for the community support that helped her get to become a pediatric dentist.

In her free time, Dr. Franklin enjoys outdoorsy things, tennis, very-beginner yoga, taking cooking classes, hosting dinner parties, and organizing group excursions. She believes in the importance of family as a foundation and still talks to her dad every day on the phone.

Dr. Franklin is excited to meet your family and provide a warm, positive experience!

Dr. Franklin’s Educational Background:

Dr. Franklin attended the University of Oklahoma, graduating in only three years before attending the Baylor College of Dentistry where she graduated 3rd in her class of 103. She then attended the Riley Hospital For Children/Indiana University School of Dentistry for her two year intensive dual university and hospital based training residency in Pediatric Dentistry. Her program placed a strong emphasis in working with children who have special needs or are medically compromised. Riley is a dual university and hospital based training program with a strong emphasis in working with children who have special needs or are medically compromised.

In addition to her thousands of hours of volunteerism, Dr. Franklin has greatly enjoyed her many leadership roles. She serves as a national committee member and Community Leadership Development Institute Ambassador for Give Kids a Smile. She has lobbied in Washington D.C. with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists for children’s health. In addition to continuing Give Kids a Smile in her offices, Dr. Franklin started both the Indiana University School of Dentistry and Baylor College of Dentistry Annual Give Kids a Smile events which continue to this day.

In dental school she started an evening clinic to provide free care for patients with special needs and children without dental homes. She was an ambassador for the American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry to promote education on providing care to patients with special needs. She also co-founded the partnership, Uniting Baylor with Special Olympics: Special Smiles, providing mouthguards, screenings, and sealants to over 350 Olympians.

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